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System components / equipment

Fish Tanks

Fish tanks are the main component of a recirculating aquaculture system. Fish Gold Farming specializes in a variety of tanks for above ground and in-ground systems and offers a wide range of customizations to meet unique needs.

Key features

  • Wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Gel-coated surfaces for low maintenance and high durability
  • Customization available upon request

Water treatment

Ensuring optimum water quality parameters is the biggest challenge for ensuring the smooth running of a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). Routine analysis of water quality typically includes measuring dissolved oxygen many times during the day and evening while various forms of nitrogen may need to be measured daily or weekly, depending on the intensity of feeding.

  • Removal of Phosphorus and Carbon Dioxide
  • Removal of solids from uneaten feed
  • Removal of dissolved organic solids

Water Pumps

Fish Gold Farming offers several kinds of water pumps for aquaculture farms, including axial flow pumps, closed coupled centrifugal pumps, vertical turbine pumps and high-pressure backwash pumps.

Key benefits

  • Durable and robust for use in freshwater or saltwater
  • Built for longevity and efficiency
  • Available in cast iron, stainless steel or titanium

UV and Ozone Disinfection

Fish Gold Farming offers a wide variety of ultraviolet and ozone disinfection systems for aquaculture farms and other applications. While distinct, these two systems each help mitigate harmful pathogens without the use of heavy chemicals.

Key benefits

  • Keeps water clean without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Durable systems are made to last years
  • Highly customizable for various needs and applications

Feeding Systems

Regular and controlled feeding is an important aspect of any fish farm. Accurate feeding ensures high production, effective solids management and balanced water chemistry. Fish Gold Farming offers different types of fish hatchery feeding systems and automatic feeders to ensure your fish grow and stay healthy.

Key benefits

  • Automates a time-consuming but vital task
  • Reduces oxygen consumption by maintaining regular feeding intervals
  • Reduces labor costs

Mechanical and Biological Filtration

A healthy, productive land-based operation needs both mechanical and biological filtration systems – mechanical filters to remove larger waste particles and biological filtration systems to convert ammonia to harmless compounds.

Key benefits

  • Mechanical and biological filters keep your operation clean and efficient
  • Customize for your needs with a variety of options
  • Reduce manual labor

Trickling, Fixed Bed Filtration

Trickle Filters are fixed-bed, aerated, bio tower filters designed to convert the toxic, nitrogen waste found in fish farming water to non-toxic byproducts. Trickle filter bio towers are filled with PE bio-balls providing a surface area for micro-organisms to develop.

  • Advanced Filter Design
  • High BOD Treatment Capacity
  • Improved Gas Exchange Interface to Restore CO2 and O2 levels in the water
  • Minimized Filter Clog

Protein Skimmer

Protein skimmer/fractionator are used to provide an efficient means of floatable and dissolved solids control, by removing mechanically, fine and dissolved organics from water. Additionally, through the fractionation process, skimmers infuse oxygen and ozone that minimize bacteria and microorganisms concentration in Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS).

  • Auto-wash system for inner and for outer tube.
  • Automated foam level control.
  • Resistant and robust fabrication.

Oxygen Reactor and Control Panels

The level of oxygen in an aquaculture system directly correlates with the quality and quantity of fish it can produce, making high-quality aeration and oxygenation a necessity.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes fish health and water quality by maintaining dissolved oxygen levels
  • Removes nitrogen as oxygen is added
  • Simplifies operations with easy installation and maintenance

Ozone Generator

We design and manufacture Ozone Generators to provide stable ozone infusion in high humidity environments. Our ozone generators are sensitive electrical equipment fabricated specifically for aquaculture facilities. Our ozone generators are designed and fabricated to provide stable ozone output.

  • Monitoring System and Control Panel
  • Ozone Concentration in Air Probes
  • Ozone Concentration in Water Probes, ORP – Redox

Heating and Cooling Systems

Fishes and other aqua species can live and sustain in only specified temperatures. Excess temperature or the temperature below the normal environment can lead to various issues. We provide advanced automated heating and cooling systems that maintain the temperature of the water.

  • Automatic Regulation and control of temperature
  • Minimum maintenance

Diesel generator

We provide highly efficient diesel generators to ensure sufficient power is maintained in the RAS systems. During the energy failure, the diesel generators will automatically take over the entire operation of the RAS system and ensure everything is going as scheduled.

  • Available in different power capacities
  • Ensure RAS system is functioning during an energy failure

PLC Automation

The advanced PLC control system is constantly monitoring and adjusting the electrical parameters of each individual lamp. This ensures their optimal performance based on data coming from the two UV sensors. PLC’s event and performance log are saving the information for further analysis

  • Monitors and adjusts electrical parameters
  • Ensures Optimal Performance of the system

Pipe Connection Network

We provide a highly efficient pipe connection network and also take care of the complete installation process. The custom-made pipe network ensures your RAS works efficiently all the time.

  • Outflow and inflow between tanks and filter
  • Electricity and Diesel Generator
  • Heating and Cooling Systems

Waste Water Treatment

While purifying water, the filters collect effluent and other dust particles. The wastewater treatment helps you to treat the effluent collected from water filters before discharge to the pond, channel or municipal system.

  • De-nitrification filters
  • De-phosphating filters

Gas Control Systems

A variety of components to manage gas levels and maintain fish health. Gas management is an invisible yet integral element of maintaining a healthy fish culture system. 

Key features

  • Maintains proper gas saturation
  • Use with freshwater or saltwater
  • Degasses by gravity action

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