The Fish Gold Farming technology is based on an advanced water circulation system that enables water to recycle with minimum liquid discharge (MLD) keeping high water quality and creating an ideal growing environment. The production facility incorporates a range of reliable and proven technologies in multiple areas such as industrial production tanks, feeding system, control system, harvesting system, wastewater treatment and more.

Minimal maintenance the use of components without moving parts reduces maintenance cost and minimizes the risk of system failures. Energy-saving by using isolated construction and efficient design of water circulation system. Flexibility easy adaptation to accommodate different species and annual production capacities

Fish Gold Farming has accumulated an unprecedented amount of data and developed unique culture methodologies, including:

Nutrition protocols: Using special feed that provides the specific nutritional needs of shrimp cultured with RAS, with low feed conversion ratio (FCR), achieved through optimized feeding modes and advanced feeding management system.

Culture protocol that enables keeping shrimp in high density with high growth rates and survival Fish Gold Farming unique indoor production capabilities offer advanced, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for today's needs.

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